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The seller Becky won’t give me an invoice or quote for my order even after being asked several times. All of a sudden a box shows up, no return address. And the charge for this is FOUR QUID SHORT OF £80! I’ve never been so angry in all my life! I send her a note with a photo of the items telling her she’s over charging me. She writes back that she’s given me a huge deal!

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The Thompsons moved the company’s headquarters to a small sheep farm in Meridian, Idaho and on July 1, 2004 they re-launched Scentsy using a multi-level marketing distribution model. The Europe Scentsy Starter Kit is an excellent value, and is everything you need to get your new Scentsy business off and growing. There is no need to purchase anything else in order to sell or demonstrate Scentsy products at a Scentsy party.

We are called Consultants, but often in the industry, the term Scentsy Consultant is used interchangeably with Scentsy Rep or Scentsy Distributor. From the minute you sign up, you are official and are ready to get started with your new Scentsy business today. Feel free to contact me to find a Scentsy Consultant in Germany or to find a Scentsy Consultant in the UK, Ireland, or Poland or to get more information about selling Scentsy. Just like in the United States, rewards vary depending on the party sales. In the UK, any Scentsy party with sales above £150 qualifies for 10% of the party total in free products and 1 half-price item. Any Scentsy party over £400 earns 15% in free product and at least 3 half-price items.


The scents don’t last long either. Don’t walk RUN if someone invites you to one of those parties. Having said that, shop Scentsy have had to reach out to the customer service department very little over the past 15 years. Whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, or Poland, you are in the perfect place and the time couldn’t be more perfect for you to join and sell Scentsy today.

Scentsy Spring

My rep told me that I can use my own oils in it, and it still has a lifetime warranty. What I didn’t like about it is the size of it, the lid is round and all you have to do is lift up off the base. But I have small hands, and can’t get a good grasp on it, to remove the lid.

I like scents and candles so a friend sent me a small scented wax sample. It’s just like all MLM … you have to buy one of their warmers supposedly to properly use their waxes and they’ve got a few big name brands so it looks legit. Fast forward to me ordering ten wax bars and two wee scent bags.

To meet European requirements, the light bulbs used in Scentsy Warmers have been replaced with heating elements to melt the wax and LEDs to provide light through the vents. And in Germany and Scentsy Warmers for Europe are designed for use in those markets . Of course the electrical cord prongs are suited for outlets in Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Polandas well. Scents for the European markets are manufactured in France, but the 50 fragrances included in the catalog are Scentsy fragrances popular in the U.S.

If the lights in your Diffuser quit working you will probably need a new base and can take advantage of the Limited Lifetime Warranty. The type & wattage bulb you need is dependent on which warmer that you have. All Scentsy warmers that use a bulb will have one of three sizes & wattages. Honestly no one is going to make a sustained six figure income quickly in a decent direct sales company.

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