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Several provinces have eliminated the punitive programs put in place in the early 2000s and replaced them with systems more focused on improvement. Strategic plans and visions for education are established at the provincial level. However, the CMEC serves as a forum for the ministers of education to identify areas of collective action and country-wide priorities.

Canada School

Canada offers a range of world-renowned post-secondary programs for young people looking to gain the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in careers and as engaged, critically-thinking citizens. If you’re enrolling your child in Canadian school for the first time, the school board or school will likely do some kind of assessment to understand where your child is at and what level is appropriate for them. This type of assessment also allows schools to determine if your child may want to access any additional resources such as language training. These are childcare centres where staff will supervise and care for children. hong kong international school allow a wider age range of children to join in the fun, as they serve primarily to care for the children of working parents.

Ontario also offers Specialist High Skills Majors and cooperative (co-op) education in secondary schools. SHSM are programs of eight to 10 classes in 19 industry or trade fields. In this program for grades 11 and 12, students are required to take a defined bundle of credits within their chosen sector, complete sector-specific certification and training, participate in experiential learning, and develop essential skills and work habits. The number of students participating in these programs has also increased every year.

IRCC approves new English language testing provider for Canadian immigration

The youngest is five years old and goes up to seven years old to legally have to attend school. Private schools are also available in Canada, which means that they are schools that are not funded by the government, and often come with hefty price tags. This is the choice of the parent and student to decide whether or not this is a worthwhile investment for them to make. Students are required by law to stay in school until the age of 16, regardless of what grade they are in when they reach that age. Although it varies from province to province, in general, Canadians must attend school until the age of 16, and it is comprised of four levels.

CTE Programs

In British Columbia, the province administers annual assessments in grades 4 and 7 in reading, writing, and mathematics and in literacy and numeracy in high school. The new Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, introduced in 2020, requires districts to report annually on test scores and other measures. Schools and districts are required to develop multi-year improvement plans and submit annual progress reports that include aggregate and subgroup results on student outcomes.

Diploma & Certificate Programs

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